Jazz Shaw at Hot Air paints a similar picture. The USA Today article he references looks like they did some decent footwork, talking to people who knew the murderer and checking public records. Right now it looks like he professed Christianity very strongly while in high school and shortly after and was on track to begin a solid life. But somewhere in the past couple of years things seemed to change. That's when the suicide threat and domestic violence incidents happened.

Two possibilities I see are that he fell into schizophrenia or other mental problems or that he started taking supplements to support his body building, and they affected him mentally. That's how it looks at present, but I'm sure there's more that will come out and could change how things look now.

On a FWIW basis, Media Bias/Fact Check lists GotNews as "Questionable" and "Extreme Right". Their listing for the very liberal Raw Story suggests to me that their listing for GotNews could be straight-up. The w'pedia article on GotNews' founder Charles C. Johnson - which includes sources - illustrates an inconsistent relationship between Johnson (and his site) and accuracy. I have no problem with the possibility that the GotNews article's claims about the murderer's FB posts might turn out to be accurate, but Johnson's and GotNews' track record demonstrate that the claims should not be accepted without independent confirmation. At this time, that possibility looks very unlikely.