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  1. #1 'Greatest play in baseball': Rick Monday saves U.S. flag 
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    Forty years ago, the nation was reeling from President Richard Nixon’s resignation and the Vietnam War, and patriotism had become anathema to a small, but very vocal, segment of American society.

    But in stadiums across the nation where the national pastime was played, the flag still waved high and “The Star Spangled Banner” still stirred the blood.

    No more was that evident than on April 25, 1976, at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

    The National Pastime website still highlights the “Greatest Play in Baseball,” featuring then-Cubs outfielder Rick Monday.

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    “During the fourth inning of the game being played at Dodger Stadium, Rick Monday becomes a national hero when he takes away an American flag about to be set on fire by the two trespassers (a father and son) in the outfield. The Cubs’ 30-year-old flychaser, who served six years in the Marine Reserves, will be presented the flag a month alter in a pre-game ceremony at Wrigley Field at L.A. executive Al Campanis as a gesture of patriotic thanks.”
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    Was only 5 years old, but recall hearing about & seeing the clip many times. Oh how times have changed.
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    Ask the fans of the Montreal Expos what they think of Monday.
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