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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrian View Post
    While I gladly voted for Trump, considering the alternative; given his judgement to date, he is headed for a catastrophic defeat in 2020, if he lasts that long.
    If the economy continues to grow, jobs begin to be created, and the tax cuts pass giving people more control over their money, he will not lose. Presidents go through cabinet members all the time. This is nothing new. Hell, Obama created posts for cronies(the so called Czars) which consisted of people who were flat out communists and he got re-elected.
    Progressivism is a bottomless pit of absurdity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockntractor View Post
    Gee wouldn't it be great if we had Hillary?
    Suggest it would be far better if we had someone w/ the character, persona and wisdom of
    James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, Otto Von Bismarck, Winston Churchill or Douglas MacArthur;
    to name a few.
    But we don't and won't, as we no longer spawn and cultivate their type; instead consoling
    ourselves w/the political embarrassments w/label leaders.
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