Are you sick of the unending bickering going on everyday when you see the latest news report? Everything is absolutely on fire, and nothing is held sacred, just, or even true anymore. In some phenomenon, American society – or at least how the media and many others have portrayed it – has decided to turn away from anything that connects level thinking with facts and truth. Everyone is just so twisted up and ready to pop, that it seems that we seek every opportunity to fight, scream, and protest.

It seems as if it has become a psychosis.

There are so many voices out there that state opinions, but so many state opinion, and treat it as fact. Emotions run high, and any sense of having a discussion is quickly thrown out in the effort to just ‘win the argument.’ Well folks, if there is one thing that we can do without, it’s opinions, stated as facts.

Take the website ‘The Root’ for example. They recently posted a Tweet: