While praising the state of Queensland as “an honourable exception” for producing most of the east coast’s gas supplies, Turnbull blamed the crisis on New South Wales and Victoria state governments for onshore drilling bans and a failure to develop their own gas resources.

“We strongly encourage the NSW government to approve the development of the (Santos-led) Narrabri Gas Project, for example, which will add over 58 petajoules of gas per year. The sooner that this is brought online, that is critical to the energy security of Australia, the energy security of this state, NSW, which I might say imports 95% of the gas it uses, so it needs to produce more gas,” Turnbull said.

“Victoria is an even worse example where the Labor Government under Daniel Andrews has prohibited the export of gas onshore, regardless of whether it is conventional or unconventional. It is untenable for us to be facing gas shortages here on the east coast of Australia.”

More ridiculousness due to ill or mis-informed jackanapes.