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    $2k Diamond Ring Dropped Into Salvation Army Kettle
    Tuesday, December 2, 2008 – updated: 10:22 am EST December 2, 2008

    UNIONTOWN, Pa. -- Someone dug a little deeper to give this holiday season when they dropped a $2,000 diamond ring into a Salvation Army kettle in Uniontown.

    On Saturday, Nov. 22, the 18-karat white gold half-carat diamond ring was found in a kettle collection stand outside a local Giant Eagle grocery store. The ring was a surprise to those counting the kettle’s contents.

    "When we opened that kettle, we were in shock!" said Captain Christopher Blessing, commanding officer of The Salvation Army's Uniontown Worship and Service Center.

    "This area is in dire need and we couldn't believe what we were seeing," Blessing said. "At first I thought it might be a fake, so I called Richard Hostetler of Hostetler's Fine Jewelers to see if he could do an appraisal. He confirmed that it was an 18-karat white gold half-carat flawless diamond, valued at $2,000."

    The Salvation Army's Uniontown Worship and Service Center serves thousands of needy individuals annually. A wide variety of social support services are provided on a case-per-case basis depending upon individual needs.

    "With the recent economic downturn, our case load has increased by nearly 20 percent. Two thousand dollars can go a very long way to help a lot of people and we are grateful to God for bringing this generous donor to us," said Blessing.

    This isn’t the first diamond ring to find its way into Pennsylvania Salvation Army kettles this holiday season. On Nov. 26 a man gave a diamond ring to a volunteer in Harrisburg.
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