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    Well at least he's starting to be honest with himself. I knew next to nothing about Kasich until the election campaigning began. So my view on him is he's Democrat Lite. As for straightening out the GOP all that tells me given recent actions and events of certain high level Republicans is the gravy boat was rocked and he doesn't like it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Retread View Post

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    Stone cold reality is that the GOP and its leadership have never been a party of conservative principle. NOT FOR A MOMENT; Ohio and Kasich being a case in point.
    The party was conceived in the mid-19th century from within the anti-slavery movement and represented:
    * The existing mercantile class then morphing into the industrial class as the Industrial Revolution swept across the North. Within a generation, the GOP had become the errand boy for corporate interests and crony capitalism; where it remains embedded to this day.
    * Despite its claims, it never supported free trade, being the party of protectionism from Johnson to Hoover; during which time it approved more than a hundred excise taxes and tariffs promoted by business lobbies. The claim made was that these measures were necessary to protect our 'infant industries'; while the reality was twofold:
    1.) they were designed to eliminate and /or restrict lower cost, higher quality competition principally from Great Britain and an emergent Germany and,
    2.) they were necessary to pay for the expansion of centralized government, in particular the emerging regulatory apparatus.
    *During those 70 years of GOP ascendancy, during which they virtually controlled the House, Senate and Presidency, as well as SCOTUS via nominees; the GOP promoted Amendments 14, 15, 16 and 17 which effectively destroyed States Rights, thereby centralizing power in DC, a legacy we are yet to deal with.
    Kasich, a frenetic schmuck who talks w/his hands, is simply another pretentious nobody. He is heir to the core legacy of the GOP, the concentration of power in Washington for the benefit of the frauds and hustlers who infest it.
    If betterment and reform of our political system is the objective; I suggest we first get real about the identity and legacy of the GOP.
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