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  1. #1 NFL: Fans Who Use Racial Slurs Will Be Banned 
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    After recent allegations of fans screaming the n-word at players, the league has come up with a plan to deal with spectators who use racial slurs: ban them.

    The NFL is investigating the claims of Redskins receiver Terrelle Pryor, who claimed that a fan screamed the n-word at him multiple times during Monday night’s game in Kansas City. The slurs, according to Pryor, are what prompted him to turn around and yell, “F**k you!” at the fan.

    NFL Spokesman Joe Lockhart reiterated that the league is investigating the Pryor incident. While reminding fans that they will face permanent bans for the use of any racial slurs.

    According to Pro Football Talk, Lockhart said, “We are looking into all aspects of it and we will report back when we have concluded that review
    The NFL is quick to pull the trigger. Too bad they aren't as fast when it comes to investigating domestic violence.

    Does this mean that burning football memorabilia is racist ?
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    how about nfl players listening to ghetto rap music? Will that be banned because it quite often is full of racial slurs.
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