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  1. #1 Cam Newton Wears Feminist Symbol on His Hat During Team Flight to Detroit 
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    Earlier this week I predicted that Cam Newton would wear Gloria Steinem decals on the side of his helmet, in order to atone for giving offense to the liberal sports media by belittling a female reporter. Well, he won’t be wearing Gloria Steinem decals, but I wasn’t that far off.

    On the team flight to Detroit, Cam Newton wore a hat pin featuring the woman commonly referred to as “Rosie the Riveter.” The pin exclaimed, “We Can Do It!” a World War II era poster which sung the praises of women working in factories to support the war effort.

    The “We Can Do It!” image has been adopted by the feminist movement, and now, by Cam Newton.
    The first picture shows the normal hat Newton wears except someone cut the point off the top.
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    Four speeches supporting Elizabeth Warren for President and a large donation to Planned Parenthood should be enough to get him off the feminazis' hook.
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    Maybe the NFL should style helmets after the pussy hat.
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