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  1. #1 Charlottesville magistrate issues warrant for black victim of parking garage beating 
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    n2doc (46,388 posts)

    Charlottesville magistrate issues warrant for black victim of parking garage beating

    CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- Deandre Harris, a black man whose brutal beating at the hands of Charlottesville white supremacists was captured on video, is now wanted on charges of unlawful wounding in connection to the Aug. 12 incident.

    A magistrate, not the police department, issued the warrant, although a news release said police officers had verified other video that led to the arrest. Harris is accused of attacking a man in the group that beat him.

    Harris' attorney, Lee Merritt, who called the charge a "clearly retaliatory" effort from white supremacists after Harris used social media to identify suspects in the beating, said his client would turn himself in within 24 hours.

    more (warning bloody image at link)

    Cracker magistrate. Bet he has a hood at home
    Liberals are some of the racist people I know. They deny it, it's there for all so see.
    maxrandb (6,916 posts)

    30. Horseshit!

    "but even a violent nazi thug should be able to obtain justice for being attacked"

    The only thing a "Nazi" should be able to obtain in this country is an ass-kicking!

    We have a moral obligation to punch these fuckers in the face.

    This is not Repub-Dem, Black-White, Liberal-Assclown CONS. These are "fucking Nazis".

    We lost hundreds of thousands fighting these pricks. Europe lost MILLIONS!

    Antifa and BLM would agree.

    mythology (7,264 posts)

    45. Some people would say the same about abortion providers

    People are allowed to have abhorrent beliefs.
    maxrandb (6,916 posts)

    50. And those " some people"

    Are entitled to nothing but an ass kicking too.

    Jesus the shit we've normalized in this country is Fucking madness.

    Nazis marching in our Fucking streets and people blowing up innocent medical providers... and people on DU have the "both sides" decease.

    Certain people...say... like NAZIS, should be violently confronted every time they show their faces.

    BTW - I feel the same about Confederate slavery defending ass clowns.

    They don't need to be understood.

    They don't need to be reached out to.

    They need to be so frightened to come out in public that they NEVER come out in public
    And when people decide that liberals/Democrats and their beliefs are vile and unacceptable? It's OK to punch them in the face? Who gets to decide who deserves to be violently confronted and punched in the face?

    MindPilot (12,660 posts)

    49. A punch in the face at the very least.

    and the same should hold true for any judge, lawyer, or cop who protects or defends them.
    Oh, so now those who don't agree with arbitrary violence against them because of what they believe and dare to say so now deserve to be punched in the face?

    mythology (7,264 posts)

    46. In other words, there's no evidence to back up your bigoted term

    You are right. You can't help me learn to use racist slurs. You might want to consider what that says about you that you are willing to do so at the drop of a hat.
    n2doc (46,388 posts)

    47. Congrats

    You are on ignore.
    n2doc won't be deterred from his racist beliefs and language.
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    ... a news release said police officers had verified other video that led to the arrest.
    Sounds like the black guy is being prosecuted for acting out his racism - stupidly attacking a group - and the ones who, apparently, went well beyond proportional self-defense are too. I guess it takes a DU-grade Prog to have a problem with that.
    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

    BIG CHEETO Is Watching You!

    Note to "Warpy" and "shockey80": I voted for Donald Trump! I would do so again!
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