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  1. #1 Partial quote from Harvey Weinstein in 2009 about Roman Nopanski 
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    Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, who has been circulating the pro-Polanski petition, wrote in an op-ed in the Independent, a London newspaper, that "whatever you think about the so-called crime, Polanski has served his time. A deal was made with the judge, and the deal is not being honored. ... This is the government of the United States not giving its word and recanting on a deal, and it is the government acting irresponsibly and criminally."

    So the government is to blame? For apprehending an unrepentant sex offender who fled before being sentenced for his reprehensible acts?

    The Los Angeles Times quoted Weinstein as saying in an interview that he doesn't believe public opinion is running against Polanski -- or that Hollywood is out of step. "Hollywood has the best moral compass, because it has compassion," Weinstein said, according to the newspaper. "We were the people who did the fundraising telethon for the victims of 9/11. We were there for the victims of Katrina and any world catastrophe."
    I wonder if he will apply for dual-citizen somewhere ?
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    "Hollywood has the best moral compass, because it has compassion,"
    So says the serial rapist.
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    As the saying goes, consider the source. With any luck Weinstein will be forced to stay in European velvet-and-champaign exile. Polanski didn't set the European movie industry afire, and I doubt Weinstein could either. Maybe Polanski could hand a slightly used 20-something bimbo to Harvey for consolation (though Harvey seems to prefer unwilling 20-somethings).
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