Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed, assaulted, and raped women over a 30-year period, while Donald Trump bragged about consensual contact with nonspecific women one time. Which of these people are worse? If you see the answer as “Trump,” you have your liberal Hollywood tinted glasses on. Rob “Meathead” Reiner, like all entertainment industry douchebags, pretended to outraged by the well-known Weinstein “secret” but quickly turned it on the President as to minimize the damage to his sleazy industry.

Reiner was promoting his new movie about LBJ when he was asked about the Weinstein scandal.

“Harvey Weinstein is bad. He did a really bad thing. There’s no defending that. It’s horrible,” said Reiner.

Now here comes the big “but.” Reiner pointed out that NY Senator Chuck Schumer said he would give all of the money Weinstein donated to his campaign away to charity