A regional Veteran Affairs manager already embroiled in one whistle-blower retaliation scandal accessed a file that included another whistle-blower’s medical records.

Dr. Michael Adelman, the Veteran Integrated Services Network (VISN) 4 manager, was one of at least 15 people who had access to an Administrative Investigation Board (AIB) file of James DeNofrio, an employee and whistle-blower at the Altoona VA Medical Center, a Pennsylvania hospital in the VISN 4 region. That file included a copy of DeNofrio’s health records, according to a letter shared with The Daily Caller.

An AIB is a formal internal investigation designed to root out bad employees and fix inefficiencies, but many whistle-blowers have complained it has evolved into a form of whistle-blower retaliation.

Shortly after DeNofrio made a disclosure to the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) in 2015, he was the target of an AIB; this AIB took nearly a year to complete before no punishment was taken.