Everyone has heard the phrase “it all comes out in the wash.” Usually, the “coming out” does not take thousands of years to occur, but as the Daily Mail observes today, that very well can be the case. They write that Storm Ophelia has baffled scientists as it “unearthed what appears to be [an] ancient human skeleton with some of its skin still intact” as the storm beat down on the Irish coast.

In what must have been quite a terrifying discovery, the remains were found by someone walking after the storm had delivered everything that it had. The seas are said to have “eroded the coastal soil” and that allowed for the skeleton to be unearthed from its eonic slumber.

The winds attacked the beach at speeds of 70 mph and those gusts proved to be powerful enough to expose an ancient burial site.

State Pathologist Marie Cassidy went to the site and has hypothesized that the body “could be from the Iron Age, which began around 1,000 years ago.” The finding was sent to Dublin where tests shall be conducted in order to better gauge the age of the deceased as well as to determine how the person had died.

It is being reported that the Ireland’s National Museum in Dublin will be donated the remains after the examinations are complete.

Archaeologist Maeve Sikora, an expert at the National Museum said, “From where it was found, we can tell it clearly wasn’t a recent burial. The body was probably laid to rest in a stone-lined grave that was destroyed by erosion over the years.”