Cyrus Matthews was in Wadsworth Municipal Court in Ohio this week to receive his sentence for a road rage incident. Most people are intelligent enough to know that court is a place to be on your best behavior. Even at Matthews’ young 19, he should still know better.

The video shows the teenager looking around the court as the judge sentences him to 60 days in jail. His next actions left the court speechless and another crime on Matthews’ record.

No police in the courtroom and not being handcuffed gave him the opportunity he needed. Matthews bolted out the door. The judge tried to stop him and the bailiff began chasing him, but nothing was going to get in the determined man’s way.

Police say that Matthews jumped into a car waiting outside with a girl inside. Making his getaway, he exceeded speeds of 90mph. This was probably why he didn’t have a chance to stop before slamming into an SUV that held a family of three.

After striking the SUV, Matthews lost control of the car and hit a gas station sign, bringing the sign down to the ground. Both Matthews and the female passenger were trapped in the car and had to be cut out by emergency personnel.

Fortunately, it appears the couple and the infant in the SUV were not injured too seriously although they were all transported to the hospital. Matthews went to the hospital as well and was then transported to Medina County Jail on felony escape and fleeing and eluding charges
Criminal mastermind. Potential DU material.