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    It's sad that they're closing but on the other hand, I never went to either one. They weren't specialized enough and seemed behind the times ever since the 70's.

    I do miss the aroma of fresh caramel-popcorn in the original Kresge Stores before they became K-Mart.

    Sears were the first stores I'd ever been in, with escalators. That was awesome. Plus they featured entire furnished livingroom mockups you could hang-out in while your parents shopped.
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    I've liked Kmart more in recent years more then Walmart for a few simple reasons.

    1. They are less busy, so when I'm running in for a few items, I don't have to wait in line at the check-outs for the next half hour while some welfare mooch is ahead of me with 2 overflowing carts and a binder of coupons.

    2. Parking is always easy to find good spots then the half mile hike in, and not getting the 5 car door dings you get if you do find a good location up close.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SarasotaRepub View Post
    I haven't been in a K-Mart for a long time.
    They were always dumpy.

    I worked at two different K-Marts when I was in college. The one in Grand Rapids was pretty upscale, had clothing that competed with Meijer, as Target was not yet created and WalMart was not yet in Michigan. They had the top of the line small appliances and kitchen things, had good quality linens, etc. That one did not have the sub shop in front, and the cafeteria was mainly a grill, we didn't have the nasty food out all day.

    The one in Kalamazoo was not as upscale, but we took pride in selling decent things at a good price. I worked mainly in the clothing department at that store (I worked all over at the GR store). We did have the sub/slushies/popcorn stand in the front of the store at that one and people seemed to like it. We joked that the dumpiest store in our region was the one in Benton Harbor, where we sent all the crap we couldn't sell because that was the designated clearance store. We kept our store clean, but we didn't have as nice of fixtures as at the GR store.

    Both stores are gone. The GR one is now a Burlington and the K-zoo store is now an At Home. But dumpiness always depended on the management, the location and what the competition. The GR store was trying to compete with Meijer, but also with Sears and Penney's. The K-zoo store was competing with Meijer and Zayre. When I first moved to Detroit, I realized the stores over here were pretty dumpy and stopped shopping there so much. Also, Target came about and Meijer expanded massively into SE Michigan (they are based in GR/West Michigan, but are now regional). I still think K-Mart's biggest mistake was to end the Blue Light specials. Customers loved them. Yes, they were gimmicky, but they worked. We had fun doing them as employees and looked forward to our department's time with the light.
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    I didn't know they were so many! I prefer K-marts, in area where I live they are better and there are more stores.
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