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    I understand people who are vegetarians because of health reasons, but most of them I meet who are vegetarians because of "cruelty to animals".
    This is what always cracks me up and why I always include the arguement that even vegans participate in animal or insect murder (yes, there are even "insect rights" activists, I shit you not ) for their food. Farmers use pesticides and routinely kill rodents and other pests which harm vegetable harvests.

    Anti-hunters turn to soggy tofu when you actually confront them and rationally explain our side of things. Hunters provide a scientific wildlife management source to the state, for FREE (actually, we help the state rake in millions every year on taxes from licenses), while also increasing revenue for local small business from the gear we purchase, the gas we use to drive to deer camp, etc. etc. etc.

    Most times when you explain these things to an Anti (along with the fact that while they drive that uber-cool hybrid, hunters and farmers usually know more about the environment and our ecosystem then our greenie counterparts) they either get louder and angrier or walk away calling you a killer. Which I take as a compliment. :D
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