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    Herman Caine was accused of a bunch of acts like this too as soon as he dropped out the allegations vanished.
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    Anyone notice that we are entering into an era of 'guilty until proven innocent' on two career and life changing allegations: 'your a racist' and 'he sexually assaulted me'

    Racist often means nothing at all, in fact there have few proven cases of actual racism.

    Sexual assault has come to mean he made unwanted advances towards me. Really, what kind? He asked if I wanted to go to coffee with him and that has morphed into sexual assault.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Banacek View Post
    Being Hollywood you would expect weird things - a few age differences

    Sean Penn / Emma Stone - 29 yrs

    Jack Nicholson / Amanda Peet - 35 yrs

    Sean Connery / Catherine Zeta-Jones - 37 yrs

    Woody Allen / Juliet Lewis - 37 years

    Richard Gere Winona Ryder - 22 yrs

    Michael Douglas Catherine Zeta-Jones 25 Yrs

    Harrison Ford / Calista Flockhart 22 yrs

    Harrison Ford / Ann Heche - 27 yrs

    Billy Bob Thornton / Scarlett Johansson - 30 yrs

    Liam Neeson / Olivia Wilde - 32 yrs

    Just sayin'

    All those women are over the age of 18. Although Juliet Lewis has no excuse for getting involved with Woody Allen, he is a pedophile and such a creep that I can't stand to watch his movies anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marco Montana View Post
    Herman Caine was accused of a bunch of acts like this too as soon as he dropped out the allegations vanished.
    That's because those allegations came from Romney's camp and not the Democrats.
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