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  1. #1 I know it's after lunch but look at the filth who call themselves 
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    I know it's after lunch but look at the filth who call themselves


    In short:

    Pics or video of moore attack on girls or not true

    Bill Clinton did it so?

    Unreal ugh
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    1. Clinton did it?

    Bullshit. Clinton was an adulterer, but it was with women his own age and completely consensual. Had I found out he had assaulted a 14 year old girl when he was an adult I would not have voted for him, but I am certain the Democrats would have forced him off the ballot or out of office anyway.

    Clinton was and is a sexual harasser and a RAPIST. There's more evidence for that than for Ray Moore.

    Iggo (36,147 posts)

    5. Roy Moore fucks children.

    That's not even in the same area code as what Clinton and Lewinsky were doing.
    There was NO INTERCOURSE. Not so with Bill Clinton the rapist.

    And I see liberals are approving of a boss having sexual relations with a female subordinate who may not feel she can say no.........or else... She was much younger than he and was his subordinate.

    Liberals have this shtick that no matter what it is, it's OK if it's a Democrat that does it. If it's a Republican there's no presumption of innocence. The only thing that matters is the accusation....which may well be simply revenge politics, compliments of the anything to win Democrats.

    virgogal (8,395 posts)

    6. Has Moore been proven guilty?
    Iggo (36,147 posts)

    9. Nope.


    global1 (17,109 posts)

    What Do You Expect From A Party That Allows An Admitted Sexual Assaulter To Lead Their Party?....

    Now a number of them had made their statements and can hide behind them - knowing full well that Moore will most probably be elected to the Senate. They are in a win-win situation. Win: They say he should pull out of the election. Makes them look like they don't condone his actions and if he does pull out - they look good. Win: If he wins - at least they can say that they took a stand and supported him pulling out of the election. They can't be responsible for the actions of the voters that elected him. The People have spoken.

    I'm almost sure this was their calculation before they made their statement on Moore.
    Like Billy Boy Rapist Clinton? We know what that party did.....made excuses for him and denied it and then they were determined to elect to the Presidency his wife who lied about, harassed and threatened the women he raped.
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    So Clinton's rapes, sexual assaults and adulteries are OK because the women were over 18?

    An accusation almost 40 years after the fact one month before an election? Yeah, I think calling for more evidence than the accusation is not at all unreasonable. Let the accuser face the same passage-of-time difficulty the accused has.
    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

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    Allegations versus the court of law. All accusations should be investigated. But to assume guilt just based on the political party is ridiculous.

    Rose colored glasses, DUmmies & lib media. Just because you want it to be true doesn't mean it is. How much Russian collusion have you proven? ZERO.
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    If you're guilty, get out. Unless you're a Democratic
    in which case you get brownie points.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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