Throughout the first year of President Donald Trump’s term, the media has been filled with nonstop allegations of Russian involvement. They can’t seem to handle the fact that the country chose to go with a Republican instead of their darling nominee, Hillary Clinton, and made up this lie, even though some Democrats aren’t buying it.

However, as more details become known, it was the Democrats that were conspiring with the Russians, as evidenced by the Fusion GPS case. They are the ones that were behind the infamous Trump dossier. Some great news came out today as the Obama-Appointed Judge overseeing the case was unexpectedly removed.

Tanya Chutkan was the judge in question, but for some unknown reasons she was removed and replaced with Judge Richard de Leon. Obviously this is great news on the surface, but there are some other facts that remain.
The new judge is a Bush appointee which doesn't give me a lot of confidence.

A bio on him can be found here