What is it with liberals and death threats? Whenever someone disagrees with them they go straight to the violence. Because he is a raving lunatic, California Governor Jerry Brown actually threatened to kill people who more or less agreed with him. At a man-made global warming conference in Germany, Governor Moonbeam told a group of protesters that he wanted to “put them in the ground” so he could finish speaking.

Brown along with several other liberal US politicians were in Bonn, Germany illegally representing the United States and pledging their allegiance to the Paris Climate Accord. The Sacramento Bee reports that when it was Brown’s turn to bow to the global warming hoax a group of protesters interrupted him.

“And we even have characters like this here to make it the dialectic…,” said Brown of the protesters, unable to finish his sentence.

The protesters were saying something about wanting to eliminate polution from automobiles, but then again it’s possible Brown merely imagined this. He briefly addressed car emissions and then he thought he heard the protesters saying something about “the ground.” Of course they could have been saying his last name, but he heard “ground.”

“In the ground. I agree with you, in the ground. Let’s put you in the ground so we can get on with the show here,” said Brown.
This guy is insane.