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  1. #1 Smog so bad in New Delhi that airline cancels flights 
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    Someone Alert Algore!!!!!

    Indian workers use brooms to sweep away dust in the morning fog in Greater Noida, near New Delhi, India, Friday, Nov.10, 2017. A thick gray haze has enveloped India's capital region as air pollution hit hazardous levels. As winter approaches, a thick, soupy smog routinely envelops most parts of northern India, caused by dust, the burning of crops, emissions from factories and the burning of coal and piles of garbage as the poor try to keep warm.

    The air pollution in New Delhi is so bad that one airline suspended flights to India's capital city becuase of it.

    "We are monitoring advisories as the region remains under a public health emergency," a representative for United Airlines said Friday.

    Heavy pollution in India's capital city prompted the airline to issue a travel waiver on Thursday. Customers with tickets from Nov. 9-13 can re-book a comparable ticket leaving on or before November 18 at no additional cost

    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Detroit used to have a cloud of smelly, yellow smog over it until they did away with leaded gas. Now the smell only lingers near the refineries and the Rouge Plant, which happen to be kind of next door to each other. But the yellow haze is gone, even from that area.
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