Sorry white people, but even the best parts of town you aren’t safe from black crime. Louisville is an overwhelmingly white city with an overwhelming black crime problem.

Jason Spencer at some level knew this, which was why he was carrying a gun with him as he went on a walk with his wife

They had been married only nine days prior.

What we do know is Jason Spencer – a white male – is now dead, murdered by black males in 22 percent black Louisville. Not just black males, but four black teens.

Fourth juvenile suspect in Cherokee Triangle shooting arrested, all face murder charges, Louisville Courier-Journal,November 11, 2017

A fourth juvenile suspect, who is 13 years old, has been arrested in connection to Sunday’s homicide in Cherokee Triangle.

The three other suspects, all 15 years old, were taken into custody this week. They are all charged with murder, robbery and theft by unlawful taking (auto) in connection with the case, police spokesman Dwight Mitchell said Saturday.