The Climate Alarmists Definitely Don't Believe Their Own Propaganda

Hundreds of millions of urban dwellers around the world face their cities being inundated by rising seawaters if latest UN warnings that the world is on course for 3C of global warming come true, according to a Guardian data analysis.

OK then, undoubtedly the progressive climate-alarm-believing elite would situate themselves well away from the dangerous coastlines at some respectable higher elevation. Actually, not at all. The progressive and supposedly climate-alarm-believing elite clusters itself just as close along the coastlines as it can get: New York, LA, San Francisco, Seattle. In New York and San Francisco particularly, favored perches of the alarmists line up right along the waterfront. Tenants of my own office building -- no more than about 30 feet above mean high tide in downtown Manhattan -- include Vox Media. Or consider the Goldman Sachs headquarters, just a couple of hundred feet inland, and barely elevated above the sea