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    While his play has regressed badly this year one of the bright spots for Tampa Bay Buccaneers star quarterback Jameis Winston is that he has managed to keep his nose clean after being drafted first overall in 2015.

    Winstonís character was highly scrutinized over a number of events during his time at Florida State University, not the least of which was a highly-publicized rape accusation which did not dissuade the team from investing heavily in the youngster.

    Now it may be that the reformed rapist really wasnít quite so reformed after all because he is once again in the news in a sex-related story that if true, may be proof that a leopard canít change its spots.

    In a month of big names being accused of sexual abuse that break on a daily basis, young Winston is the biggest to emerge as of Friday afternoon even though itís still early.

    The earth-shattering news was broken by liberal trash website ButtFeed BuzzFeed which does sex scandals a lot better than they do politics and the news isnít good for Famous Jameis.

    According to BuzzFeed, the NFL is currently investigating claims that a drunken Winston grabbed a female Uber driver her by the crotch in 2016 while she was taking him to the drive-thru window of a late-night Mexican food joint. He also reportedly was shouting ďhomophobic slursĒ out of the window at pedestrians.
    A new reason to kneel
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    A new reason to boycott. Then again there are plenty of reasons to boycott National Felons League. One more really doesn't make a difference.
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