As ratings continue to fall for the NFL’s games, the ratings for the various Sunday pregame shows on the broadcast networks have also cratered.
ESPN, for instance, has seen a decline in viewership for Sunday NFL Countdown of nearly 20 percent through the first nine weeks of the 2017 NFL season, according to Awful Announcing.

It is “the most significant drop of any of the networks,” Joe Lucia wrote.

Also, ESPN 2’s Fantasy Football Now has also lost 15 percent through the NFL’s Week 9.

The audience for Sunday NFL Countdown has fallen from 1.41 million viewers at this time last year to 1.13 million today. For its part, Fantasy Football Now is off by 56,000 viewers going from 379,000 viewers last year to 323,000 today.

While not losing as badly, both Fox and CBS have also seen dwindling audiences for their Sunday pregame shows