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    There is another issue here that no one has mentioned:

    Zero to 60 in 1.9 sec

    I am an old drag racer on the 1320 quarter mi track. 0-60 is not impossible, but it comes with a LOT more than HP/Torque sitting under the hood. At this level the real challenge is CoE T (Co Efficient of Traction). In other words that torque has to be applied from the tire(s) to the pavement and slippage is the challange.

    NOT saying it cannot be done, but tire + suspension have to be in harmony to pull that off. The modern ultra high Perf car can do 0-60 < 3.2 sec and about the quickest is 2.7

    I remember when < 7 sec 0-60 for a street car was super hi perf space.
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