Whoever handles Elon Musk’s public relations deserves a medal.

The slippery snake oil salesman and rent-seeker extraordinaire has been down to South Australia – now reduced, pretty much, to a third world state under its disastrous left-wing administration – and conned the hapless locals out of $50 million to build them an all-but-useless giant battery to make up for the energy they have lost by blowing up their coal-fired power station and relying on wind power instead.
And how are the lickspittle media reporting this outrageous scam?

Why, thus:
and thus:
and thus:

and thus:
Incredible $50 MILLION bet between Elon Musk and Australian Atlassian tech king pays off with Tesla building a giant solar battery in Adelaide
With a media as compliant and unquestioning as this, is it any wonder Tesla’s price is still about $300 higher than it should be and that governments continue to spend taxpayers’ billions bankrolling his quixotic schemes?
Let’s just have a quick reality check here, shall we?
Obvious Truth #1. This “bet” is #fakenews.
A bet is where you risk a sum of money on a chance event on whose outcome you are uncertain. Musk knew perfectly well he was going to get his giant battery plant finished in time. Otherwise he wouldn’t have made his “bet”. Musk did not get to be worth nearly $20 billion taking $50 million gambles – even if it is true that when you’re as rich as him $50 million counts as small change. No, he got rich at least in part thanks to his remarkable ability to talk the hind legs off a donkey.