My oldest cat was looking kind of haggard lately and she had been mewing a lot so I took her to the vet today and they did blood work and said she was anemic. They also said she was infested with fleas which is kind of a head scratcher because she's an inside cat who hasn't been outside in a decade but she probably got them from our other cat who sneaks outside. Anyway, they gave her some fluids and gave her a flea preventative and gave me some vitamins for her. I leave and head to Petsmart to get something to spray on the animals to get rid of the fleas. I come out and have to make one more stop and she starts to mew. I'm thinking she's a bit peeved about getting a shot and for being in the cat carrier(she hates being in there). As I'm driving, she lets out a loud mew and I try to reassure her and after a while I hear what sounds like her coughing. When I get to where I'm going, I peek in on her and she's gasping for breath. I take her in my arms and she's limp and gasping. I put her back in the carrier and run back to the vet. Her gasps stop and she's breathing but out of it. I'm thinking she's resting. I get back to the vet and she's breathing normally and conscious(she was letting out little mews). I take her back in and the doctor sees her right away. He examines her and comments that she was so anemic that it could be why she's so weak and he says he wants to put her in an oxygen cage on a heating pad for an hour or 2 and before he takes her, she picks up her head and looks at me and her head drops to the table. He takes her away and tells me to wait a few. After about 20 minutes he comes back shaking his head saying she's gone. He said when he got to the back, her heart stopped. He did CPR and got a pulse and they hooked up an IV but her heart stopped again and she was gone. I didn't expect this especially when he said her kidneys were fine. I was hopeful with the vitamins and getting rid of the fleas she'd be back to normal. We're heart broken as she was the last of our original quartet of cats. Here she is as a baby: