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  1. #1 We all know that Trump is a petty sumbitch who hates Obama with every atom in his blu 
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    We all know that Trump is a petty sumbitch who hates Obama with every atom in his blubbery body

    But I wonder if he even knows WHY he hates Obama so much. I look at this guy and I say to myself that, where we're going, we need to get ready for when we all get there.

    Consider the trajectory here: It's quite clear that Trump wouldn't know the truth even if it bit his flabby ass, but he also suffers from an extreme degree of low self-esteem, he retains a mediocre intellect, he skirts all responsibility for his own actions, he has no moral center whatsoever and he's utterly lazy and irresponsible... But is he even capable of the kind of self-reflection which could also allow himself to understand his own motivations? (This is simply Scorpio's OPINION that has been shaped by his HATE - and nothing more.)

    I doubt it, though, because I've never seen such an unrepentant ignoramus before in my entire life. He's obviously someone who's skirted though life without any effort on his own part and was simply told by sycophants how great he was.(more opinion).. And he believed every word of it, because all he values in life are the opinions of others. It's like he has no capacity to reason whatsoever and he's instead, nothing but ALL reaction. I wonder sometimes if he even knows what he's doing or saying at any given time. And yet, he's singularly focused on hating on Obama... Why? (And why does Obama hate Trump and criticize him? And NO - reversing Obama's executive orders that were unconstitutional is not 'hate'.)

    Obama, and Hillary by extension of her position of heir apparent, are always living rent free in Trump's empty head. He inserts both into his language out of context at the drop of a hat. Yes, we all know how racist and sexist (Ahhh, yes. President Trump is a threat to the liberal agenda so therefore they use their go to in those situation - accusations of racism and sexism.) he is, but he's so specific about it, in always focusing on Obama and Hillary.

    Is he just jealous of their own considerable and well established intellect and accomplishments? (Liberal arrogance ASS U mes that others are 'jealous' of them.)

    Is Trump so fucking ignorant that he has no idea how ignorant he actually is, and yet, feels that he has to compensate for his own shortcomings by rendering others?

    Is just nothing more than a fucking asshole?

    I have no idea.

    I do understand, however, that he's completely unfit to be President of the United States (We know - he isn't a liberal Democrat and he isn't a Republican that you can manipulate by demands, threats or name calling so that calls for a special level of hate.) and presents an existential threat to each and every one of us. He's being protected by a combination of partisan politics and the urge to normalize his behavior as a means to an end. What he is, though, is a failure of our entire political system. Someone this flawed should not only had been elected, he should have never been considered suitable to enter any major political party as a viable candidate. (And they think that Republicans will consider the next Democrat President 'suitable to be the President' and act in a respectful manner toward him/her? Think again.)

    He's not the cause, he's merely the symptom of an even greater problem that this country has. This country is too fucked up for its own good. And I blame the gawddamn Republicans, the uberwealthly motherfuckers who pay for them AND all the regressive dipshits who vote for them. They've been allowed to get away with murder for far too long, without any consequences for their own actions. (More hate and temper tantrums that liberals aren't always in power.)

    Well, it's about time that the chickens come home to roost for all of them. We can fight them, and we should, be we won't be able to completely beat them. And that's where Trump, and his Tuttle inability to understand why he does the things he does. The one sure thing that we all know about Trump is that he ALWAYS stabs those who support him in the back. One should only trust Trump at their own peril. He's going to be the worst thing to happen to the far right... ever. Although we're all going to feel some pain here, that's inevitable, I figure that we all have to take that fall in order to move beyond it. We can resist and we should, but I'm afraid that we're beyond the tipping point here.

    The system is too rigged and the motherfuckers who rigged it can't see beyond their own noses.

    When the shit does hit then fan, the left needs to step in and reform and refashion the system. We've had three attempts after winger failures of the past, the most successful one being the New Deal and the latest being Obama's presidency, however the winger backlashes only took us two steps back. In the next recovery, we need to take it even farther. We need to fix the system which was so broken that allowed an unfit assclown like Trump to get his stubby fingers on the nuke codes. (Meaning they are going to try to fix it so Republicans cannot win. How fascist, autocratic and Nazi like.)

    We need a fucking plan and we need to work together. Shit's going down the pike, we need to be prepared.

    What do you all say?
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    2. Donnie Dipstick is so

    freaking jealous of Mr. Obama because of his Race,and the Fact the man has a Constitutional Law Degree. BTW.Trump does not have a Degree,he dropped out to take care of spending his Daddy's 14 million.

    Someone posted a Comment that came for Donnie Dipstick to something like,Black don't deserve a Education or Wealth.
    He's jealous of Obama because his skin color is 'black'? His "constitutional law degree" was evidently worthless since he considered enacting whatever he wanted even if he had to do it unconstitutionally to be OK. Hate evidently has warped their minds.
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    3. Truth & Reconciliation

    Time to air out what has gotten us here and take actions to prevent it happening again. Objective study into how and why our society votes against our own interests. It ain’t natural.
    "Truth and Reconciliation' won't be like they think. It will consist of breaking the liberals over inflated ego, arrogance and hate. Should be fun.
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    7. No, it's not natural.

    They are brainwashed and spoon fed lies. I live in a red area and I haven't a clue how to get through to these people that they are always voting against their own interests. They don't believe facts, science, or truth.
    Assh*les in the Democrat party always figure not only that THEY know what is in someone's best interest but they are entitled to tell someone else what it is and how they should vote - which of course it basically boils down to being in the best interest of the Democrats.
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    Mr. Scorpio seems unaware what PROJECTION is, since seems to be full of hate himself.
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    Mr. Scorpio needs to put down the bottle.
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