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  1. #1 Trump didn't give away government land in Utah. 
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    Trump didn't give away government land in Utah.

    Your post office sits on government land, the national parks are our land. They belong to the people of The United States, like our stock in the country.

    Trump basically took our land away from us and turned it over to the government to lease the mineral rights. We were robbed no less than if he literally carted the gold from Fort Knox and used it to build his wall.
    Yes, the liberals consider it "their land". In Utah 3/4 of all the land is controlled by the government, so there is no way to develop the land or collect taxes for their schools, roads and other things the county and state is is responsible for.

    But smug liberals consider it "their land" and demand that it be considered protected and off limits to those who live there.
    dchill (14,720 posts)
    1. Republicans really enjoy this type of behavior.

    It is a character flaw they share. They consider it a strength.
    The Wielding Truth (10,173 posts) 2. Since it is our land then they should tell us what they will do for the pubic in return for the use

    how they will safeguard and repair any harm and what they intend to do with the profits and all plans should be in review by the native people and geologists which they should be made to pay for. There should be a term of use with local and federal oversight. Hey, it's or land!
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    4. Unfortunately, it's no longer the people's land.

    Trump unilaterally redrew the boundaries turning public land into unprotected government property. There's a difference. (First though there was Obama's land grab.)

    Although politicians over the years have made changes, National Parks were originally meant to be free for all Americans to visit, because they belonged to us equally. Government land is used for administration purposes and is subject to leases and construction as politicians see apt.
    The Wielding Truth (10,173 posts)

    6. Still under government control though, right? We are the government, right? Then we can make the

    rules for this land. Just because we turn over land to developers we can hold on to the uses and the designs of the development.

    Am I missing something here?
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    9. the koch brothers

    are getting everything they want. The people are gifting them with tax breaks and now the land for likely reduced rights. They will make their usual messes for us to clean up while they add to their billions.
    In other threads they are saying that lawsuits were already in process. Knowing the left I'm sure they are. They say Trump cannot do this, it's illegal. Of course they don't explain how it is that Obama could INCREASE or DECLARE the area protected as he did just before he left office, but Trump cannot decrease it. Not unlike transgenders in the military. It was OK for Obama to unilaterally say it was going to happen but NOT OK for Trump to say no. And it was OK for Obama to issue executive orders but it's not OK, illegal even for Trump to reverse them with executive orders.
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    These morons just don't get it.

    They want a country where the Government owns EVERYTHING and then they're shocked ( I can see them now fainting away in their Safe Spaces and Starbucks as they read the news ) that it does whatever it wants with the stuff.

    This is special kind of stupid.
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    I live in Ohio but my property can be inside Yellowstone Park, according to King Barry's grand plan.

    Theses are the same idiots that want free public-access to places Area-51 and White Sands.

    And their fave song is Signs Signs, Everywhere's A Sign... you keep me out but you keep mother-nature in, blah-wah-wah
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    It gets crazier when you realize that the land belongs to the STATES, the Feds are not supposed to own anything.
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