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Tue Dec 5, 2017, 09:48 PM

NanceGreggs (23,163 posts)

It Is No Longer (R) Versus (D)

It is now honest people versus liars.

It is well-informed people versus the gullible and easily-led.

It is intelligent people versus the hopelessly stupid.

It is the principled versus those who readily abandon their principles if it means a political “win”.

It is the educated versus the proudly ignorant.

It is the real Christian versus the hypocritical Christian.

It is the poor versus the rich.

It is the hard-working middle-class versus wealthy individuals and corporations.

It is the poor who need a helping hand versus the rich who have their hands out for more than they already have.

It is the honest versus the dishonest.

It is the truth-tellers versus those who want to quash the truth.

It is the patriots versus the anti-Americans.

It is the people who believe in tolerance versus the people who abhor anyone who does not believe as they believe, look the same as they look, and have the same skin colour as they have.

It is those who see unity as a worthwhile goal versus those who see divisiveness as the ultimate end game.

It is those who believe in the power of diplomacy versus those who believe that war is the answer to everything.

It is the protectors of our environment versus the destroyers of our land and water.

It is the reasonable versus those who are just too stupid to be reasoned with.

It is those who stand-up for victims versus those who stand-up for those whose actions create victims.

It is the people who truly love their neighbours versus those whose hatred of everyone overrides all else.

It is those who see all Americans as their fellow citizens versus those who see only some Americans as worthy of being respected.

It is people who believe in the American Dream versus people who believe that dream should only be realized by those they personally approve of.

It is those who trust in the rule of law versus those who think the rules should only apply if and when convenient.

It is those who abhor violence versus those who want to put automatic weapons in the hands of those who believe violence is a justifiable means to an end.

It is the ethical versus the unethical, the honest brokers versus the purveyors of lies, the moral versus the blatantly immoral, the decent versus the indecent, the charitable versus the obscenely greedy, the sane versus lunatics who will literally swallow anything, no matter how apparently insane that something is.

Ultimately, it is honourable Americans versus those who would rather see our democracy fail if it continues to adhere to the very principles that established our democracy in the first place.

This is the enemy we face, this is the battle we must fight, this is the war we must ultimately win if our country is to survive.

Go have a drink.