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  1. #1 When you realize it is impossible to appeal to common sense or self-interest... 
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    kentuck (83,092 posts) When you realize it is impossible to appeal to common sense or self-interest...

    When you come to realize that it is serves no purpose to call people morons, fools, brain-washed idiots, or unpatriotic fatalists. They no longer hear. They are deaf to reason.

    It is a sad feeling when you realize that nothing you can say or do will prevent them from marching off the cliff. Words no longer have any meaning to them. They wish to take everyone else with them.

    You then begin to believe that experience is the only teacher. We are on a dark and dangerous path that we must follow to its end.

    Or, we can get off the path. There is nothing else we can do but let them continue their march of destruction. We do not have to follow them.

    We tried.

    Turn them loose.

    Let them go.

    There is no more energy to waste.
    LOL. The idiots are so arrogant that they believe that they are right and everyone else is not just wrong but everyone should believe, think and vote the way they do and that it is their job to shame people into it.

    And they haven't learned anything in the past 2 years......they still think that insulting people and calling them names will convince them to their side.

    FM123 (1,358 posts)

    1. Your words are so true.
    Mister Ed (2,418 posts)

    3. It's like talking with someone who's hallucinating, and believes their hallucinations are real...

    ...and that reality is fake.

    That's what I finally had to conclude about a certain co-worker of mine.
    Mr. Ed did you ever think that it is YOU that is hallucinating and believing that your hallucinations are real. And that what you call 'fake' is reality? It's true.

    Deciding that you know what is 'in others best interest is the height of arrogance. Calling people you dislike and don't vote your way morons, fools, brain-washed idiots, or unpatriotic fatalists has nothing to do with 'reasoning with them'. It just means you are rude and ugly and can be dismissed as irrelavent.
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    Liberal definition of 'reason', "My views are the correct ones and your failure to recognize this is unreasonable."
    Liberals! The real fascists.
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    Kentuck thinks INSULTING people is reason???

    You guys are right , these jerkazoids spent the whole election ( and they're still doing it ) insulting , shaming and some times even terrorizing people to vote their way and it backfired on them.

    This isn't the old days any more , these idiots lost the Working Class when they totally embraced Identity Politics , started pushing stupid ideas ( mostly their feel good crap that doesn't do anything or help anyone ) and allowing SJWs to run amok.

    Their worse enemy is their own hubris , their sense of superiority over everyone else no matter who they are ; If you're a minority , they act like you're a helpless child , or disagree with them on anything they call you every name in the book and assume that you're stupid , misinformed and not " enlightened " or " WOKE " like them.

    Duers and others just like them aren't going to change because they demand that everyone else do that instead.
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    People are tired of being called names and criticized for their beliefs, and they are voting for the common good , not self interests like you.
    I love the sound of liberal heads exploding in the morning!!

    Toxically masculine and proud of it!

    I will give up my guns when the liberals give up their illegal aliens.
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