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    Quote Originally Posted by Apocalypse View Post
    Alabama is this coming Tuesday. Two weeks would be the start of the Congress Christmas break.
    He is waiting till after the Christmas party so he can go and grab some ass there. ( rumor has it he is hot for pelosi)
    I love the sound of liberal heads exploding in the morning!!

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    He's setting-up a situation where he'll be asked if he's leaving yet, every time he's seen in public. That's dumb.

    I think Dems are overestimating how long Roy Moore stays in the news-cycle after the election, if they attempt to use Franken as sacrificial pawn to claim they're 'the Party of women'. Moore will vanish pretty quickly, whether he wins or loses.

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    While I do agree that they will try and use the firings as proof for their Moral High-ground. Realistically, it's more to do with the mid-terms then anything. They know full well that if these pervs remain come next year they will serve as fodder against any hopeful come Nov. They have far more up and in trouble then we do.

    Right now discussions are that the Gov. of Minnesota will apoint the lieutenant Gov as acting Senator until the special Elections come next year in Nov. Mark Dayton will not run again in Min. so setting her up this way helps her out massively toward keeping that seat.
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