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  1. #1 Sen. Al Franken will resign, Democratic official says 
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    Sen. Al Franken will resign, Democratic official says

    Source: Minnesota Public Radio

    A Democratic official who has spoken to Al Franken and key aides says Franken will resign his Minnesota Senate seat on Thursday, the official tells MPR News.

    The official spoke to Franken and separately to Franken's staff. A staff member told the official that Franken had gone to his Washington home to discuss his plans with family.

    MPR News agreed to withhold the official's name because the official wanted to give Franken the chance to talk about his decision in his own words.

    Franken faced a cascade of calls Wednesday from fellow Democrats and other political allies to leave office in response to multiple allegations of sexual harassment.

    Read more:
    I think this is all a big game to them. They are finding that their big plans to impeach President Trump are falling through because they haven't been able to find anything to charge him with and the rot and corruption at the FBI has been revealed so any charges would be suspect. So I think the only reason they would actually call for Frankens resignation is to then try to use the accusations against President Trump to impeach him. Accusations that oh so conveniently only came up after he won the Republican primary.
    Adenoid_Hynkel (13,768 posts)

    2. But Blake Farenthold gets to stay and Roy Moore gets to join

    No one is calling for Farenthold to resign for settling sexual harassment suits with taxpayer money, and, instead of grilling GOP leaders about it, the media is ignoring the story.

    and Mitch says PedoRoy is in if he wins.
    Blake Farenthold should go. Roy Moore's accusations are most likely false. You don't wait until he wins the primary after he has been in the media's attention for years to bring up accusations of sexual abuse.
    OnDoutside (5,193 posts)

    5. Yeah but the Dems have won the moral high ground. Doesn't it feel great ???
    humbled_opinion (4,255 posts)

    12. Yeah until the list comes out

    that list of politicians that paid off taxpayer hush money to abuse victims, we can only hope that they are all Repubs because this right here is the precedent setter.
    It's not likely they are all 'Repubs' or the Democrats would have leaked the information
    GatoGordo (489 posts)

    16. We may have won the war for the moral high ground, (but lost a battle)... however

    1. Minnesota won't lose a seat to a Republican. Our governor is a Democrat and will fill Frankens seat with a Democrat
    2. This isn't a sprint. Its a distance race. And no matter the short term outcome of this fiasco, the Republican party cannot paint itself as the party of "high moral standards".
    3. IF Franken resigns due to the pressures put on him by the Democratic party, WE DO HAVE THE HIGH GROUND, and WE ARE ETHICAL. As bitter the taste may be, come election time, people in Minnesota are going to remember the high ground Al Franken took for them.
    Democrats ethical? What a laugh.
    MissKat (136 posts)

    10. NO NO NO

    If Al Franken resigns I will NOT GIVE THE DNC ANOTHER CENT

    Let him have an ethics investigation
    Alice11111 (4,837 posts)

    13. I'm disappointed hedid not fight it. The RW targeted

    Our best, and then we shot him for them, without even an investigation.

    I'm done.
    ancianita (6,956 posts)
    14. Fuck these spineless fucks.

    orleans (25,339 posts)

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    Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
    Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
    Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!
    21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes
    And clever in their own sight! Isaiah 5:20-21 NASB

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    Poor babies!!!
    May the FORCE be with you!
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