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  1. #1 2020 Dem nominee MUST BE a woman 
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    2020 Dem nominee MUST BE a woman

    The Al Franken take down illustrates that more than ever. All you have to do is make the accusation, without providing any proof whatsoever, that you were sexually assaulted.

    In Franken's case, he had no proof that he didn't (Republicans are great at having to prove a negative) do whatever he was accused of, even though there are photos of him doing nothing. Those photos are proof he molested someone? No.
    Anyway, every man will get the same treatment. Biden? He won't be able to stand it. A woman is less likely to he charged with sexual crimes.
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    1. Yeah, that worked so well in 2016!
    LexVegas (3,671 posts)

    3. She beat 2 men. nt
    TCJ70 (3,127 posts)

    2. Yes, our strategy and decisions should always be based on potential smear campaigns...

    ...that makes sense.
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    25. Your point is not a bad one but don't forget the sexism and misogyny that a female candidate

    will have to deal with. It is easier to sell a fake email scandal, or a fake pretending-to-be-Native American scandal, against a woman. The GOP lies and smears seem to go further against women.

    Why do you think the Benghazi lies went further against HRC than they did against Obama? Partly because the GOP put in more effort to that part of the lie, I admit, but I don't think it had as much potential against Obama. Ideally it should have had more potential against Obama, dishonest though all forms of the story were, since he was the POTUS. They took it further against HRC because of her gender IMO.

    I am not saying that we shouldn't nominate a woman. I am saying that we should nominate whoever is best equipped to rebuff the GOP lies and smears.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carol View Post
    Thete won't be a 2020 or any other presidential election again. Emperor Trump will rule for many years after which the rule will pass onto Barron.

    All hail Emperor Trump! !!

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    That leaves out Michelle Obama with the frank and beans.
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    The Al Franken take down illustrates that more than ever. All you have to do is make the accusation, without providing any proof whatsoever, that you were sexually assaulted.
    Dems have been pulling that shit on Republicans for DECADES!
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