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  1. #1 **CBS NEWS POLL** 67% of Americans believe Trump officials had inappropriate Russian 
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    Here's more fake news.

    DemocratSinceBirth (84,440 posts)

    **CBS NEWS POLL** 67% of Americans believe Trump officials had inappropriate Russian contacts
    Notice they only indicate the percentages......but not the percentages of Republicans vs Democrats vs Independants.

    When you go to the site you get these:

    Total Respondents - 1121 unweighted

    Total Republicans 275 unweighted, 267 weighted 23.8%

    Total Democrats 364 unweighted, 354 weighted 31.6%

    Total Independants 481 unweighted, 500 weighted 44.6%

    The red is my calculations. Really, Republicans are only 23.8% of the population while Democrats are 31.6%? And Independents are 44.6%? Which way to they lean? Republican or Democrat? It matters.

    This so called 'poll' is bunk.

    MaryMagdaline (250 posts)

    1. Ok DUers

    Yes it's been a bad week for us with Al's potential demise. But the investigation is getting through. Al is being targeted BECAUSE he destroyed Sessions.

    I know some of you think Russia is s distraction from CHIP, taxes, racism. It is all part of a pattern to turn this country into an oligarchy, wipe out its assets, let money flow into off-shore accounts, etc

    As the money laundering is brought front and center, the greedy plans of Flynn and Trump to wipe out sanctions in order to do deals to line their pockets become clearer and clearer ... we are making this case to the public

    The public is getting it.

    LOL. This is why they were positive that Clinton was going to win.

    doc03 (20,007 posts)

    2. And the other 33% would back tRump if he shot someone on 5th Ave in broad

    daylight in front of a thousand witnesses.
    bdamomma (45,115 posts)

    4. you can also add his minions

    in the Congress. They would back him up too.
    DemocratSinceBirth (84,442 posts)

    6. Just write those people off.

    2/3 > 1/3.
    You can get any result you want when you are willing to skew the poll numbers.
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    That "Poll" is just a POS. Waste of time.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SarasotaRepub View Post
    That "Poll" is just a POS. Waste of time. pretty much everything else from CBS news.
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