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  1. #1 Can someone enlighten me on the purpose of moving our embassy to Jerusalem? 
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    DUers show their ignorance of the bible and showcase their hatred as well.

    smirkymonkey (27,115 posts)

    Can someone enlighten me on the purpose of moving our embassy to Jerusalem?

    Pardon my ignorance, but I am not well versed in Middle Eastern politics. The questions I have are:

    - I know Trump has promised this to his base, but why does his base want this move so much?

    - What do they hope to accomplish by this move?

    - What will the fallout be if they actually go ahead with it?

    - Does this need to be approved by congress or can he just go ahead with it on his own?

    Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.
    elleng (80,200 posts)

    1. BeBe wants it.
    Fred Sanders (20,361 posts)

    12. Congress of one country gets to decide capital of another? Good to know! One nation on the

    entire planet agrees with the fake American regime.

    2 out of 200 countries. What arrogance.
    Mosby (8,083 posts)

    13. Israel has a capital - it's Jerusalem.

    Do you have a problem with that?
    Fred Sanders (20,361 posts)

    15. Palestine has a capital. Also Jerusalem. Yes, huge problem as seen by hundreds of countries.

    Why so many on the planet representing billions in disagreement, not just me!

    Arrogance by two countries temporary regimes.
    Mosby (8,083 posts)

    19. There is no country called Palestine.

    Please stop making stuff up.

    A sovereign nation gets to decide what city is their capital, is Israel different somehow?

    Madam Mossfern (2,202 posts)

    24. So then you agree

    that Trump has no business deciding the capital of Israel.
    LOL President Trump didn't "decide the capital of Israel (Jerusalem)". Almost the entire Israeli government is in Jerusalem, their capital. He is simply moving the embassy to Jerusalem.
    Igel (26,448 posts)

    46. Israel decided its capital decades ago.

    It designated Jerusalem.

    It's the rest of the world that's decided Israel alone doesn't have the right to name its own capital.

    Oddly, much of the rest of the world's decided that Palestine can name extra-territorial territory as its capital. Sort of like the US naming, oh, Toronto as its capital.

    Fred Sanders (20,361 posts)

    59. The rest of the world versus 2 nations understand there are serious claims by both sides and

    a unilateral declaration is ignoring one claim. Why is it 200 to 2?
    Fred Sanders is seriously anti Semitic.
    adDAsHell (1,102 posts) 55. Seems strange that one religions 3rd holiest city would trump anothers 1st. nt
    Fred Sanders (20,361 posts)
    56. NOT as strange as the British confiscating Arab land to create Israel out of thin air.

    Both sides have a legitimate claim...hence the 70 year stalemate.

    Trump just gave away a main negotiating asset and told the other side to fuck off. Great start to peace?
    The Palestinians had decades to 'negotiate' if they wanted to. They have repeatedly refused to accept Israels right to exist and they have repeatedly refused their own nation.

    Now for their excellent understanding of the bible. Remember the question was why President Trump would move the embassy to Jerusalem.

    TDale313 (5,850 posts)

    5. Can I add a dumb question?

    Is this an end times thing? Not asking because I believe in it, but because so many of Trumpís evangelical supporters do, and would fervently like to see things occur that they see as signs that the time is close.
    OliverQ (601 posts)

    17. Yes. Any time Republicans/Evangelicals back things related to Israel

    It's an end times thing. They don't actually like Jews, or support Jewish ideology. It's strictly a matter of viewing it as a further step to bring about the End Times and their impending Rapture.

    Not all evangelicals support Israel, but most do. And they don't dislike Jews.
    greeny2323 (532 posts)

    6. It's for Christian fundies who believe it will help bring on the apocalypse

    I'm not joking.
    Really. I know the bible. There is NOTHING in it about the United States or other countries needing to have their embassy in Jerusalem to 'bring on the apocalypse'. And there is nothing we can do to 'bring on the apocalypse'.
    smirkymonkey (27,115 posts)

    22. They really believe that shit? God help us!

    Not that I believe in god, but that is absolutely insane.
    smirkymonkey (27,115 posts)

    23. But the Christians don't like the Jews either.

    I think I will have to look up the whole Armageddon thing. It all just seems totally fucked up to me. It just seems like one way or another, the republicans want to destroy the world.
    smirkymonkey (27,115 posts)

    34. We're screwed, aren't we? I can't believe that so many people are so stupid.

    I guess that explains why Trump is in office in the first place. If he doesn't start something with North Korea, it will be a conflagration in the Middle East. Either way, he will get his wish. He will destroy the planet for not loving him enough.

    I read something about him today where his aides in the WH said he just wanted to destroy things - blow them up - I think their references were figurative, but eventually I think they will be literal. He will get his war by hook or by crook. He will make his mark on history. I am afraid we can't get rid of him fast enough.
    dixiegrrrrl (52,313 posts)

    10. Right here:

    1. Trump only recognized Jerusalem to pander to American Evangelicals.

    2. Evangelicals only want Israel to exist because God can't destroy it per New Testament if it doesn't.

    3. Evangelicals need Jews killed to start a Second Coming so Christians get a jackpot.

    It is based on the Book of Revelations, all that stuff about Armageddon, the "Israelites" need to occupy/ take over Jerusalem,
    which will start a a war so terrible that all the Jews are killed, then Jesus...2nd coming .....and then good Christians
    will Rapture to heaven and the earth will go poof or something.

    Problem is some sects believe this and lots of politicians like Roy Moore advantage of it.
    Meanwhile, Israel wants it for similar reasons.
    klook (6,522 posts)

    11. To bring on The End Times.

    Trump and his base want the Rapture now, it seems.
    BigmanPigman (8,108 posts)

    16. Apparently it has two reasons...

    1. Netanyahu apparently donated/gave a ton of money to the fucking moron.
    2. Bannon wants to have WW3 and this is part of his big plan.

    His regular base doesn't give a shit at all. In fact his alt-right minions mostly hate Jews ( and women and minorities).
    smirkymonkey (27,115 posts)

    31. But this was part of his promise to them. I thought he was doing this to please them.

    I know that Bannon and Netanyahu are behind it, but I think his base wants it too. I think I am beginning to understand why, but it's just so insane. We can't let these people dictate foreign policy. They will kill us all.

    BigmanPigman (8,108 posts)

    33. That is what Chris Hayes was saying tonight.

    Our foreign policy is now sold to the nations with the most money to slip to the fake prez. The GOP gets its sustenance from their rich donors in the same way. This is on a larger and more serious stage and it is a dangerous situation for our country and the world. Bannon and the fucking moron have sold us to the Russians, etc.and it continues. Add the fact that we have about 7 full time employees in the State Dept and we are looking at some very scary times ahead. This is why we have to get rid of the GOP and the White House ASAP! Buckle up....
    No, that's what Obama and Hillary did.
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    He is doing it just to piss you off. How do you like those beans?
    I love the sound of liberal heads exploding in the morning!!

    Toxically masculine and proud of it!

    I will give up my guns when the liberals give up their illegal aliens.
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