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First of all, I don't think he's actually touching her in that photo. He's posing like he's about to. It's stupid and inappropriate, but if he didn't make physical contact, it's not a crime. In MI, if he did make contact, it's 4th degree csc, a misdemeanor. He would get a fine and community service, and maybe put on the list, maybe not.

Did you watch the Access Hollywood video? It has been played ad nasueam. He gets off the bus and walks over to the soap opera actress and kisses her.
I see the tape, he made a move to kiss but we can't see the actual supposed contact,which cast doubt that he actually kissed. Meanwhile he never touched inappropriately,did his sex talk AWAY from her. The woman doesn't appear to be unhappy with the quick kiss,contact or not. Donald is very open to men about women he liked seeing,but has he ever actually force himself on a women?

A lot of men will make the sex talk about women they seen or know,but rarely say them around women. This what many men do,heck they do it in Junior High School,AWAY from the girls,but some teasing does happen,which I have seen plenty of times. Surely you knew this already?

This is very different from what Clinton did,who would take women to bed or whatever,against their will,force kisses and so on for many years. How come leftist hypocrites overlook the blatant assaults Clinton did to slobber over allegations on Moore and Trump?