Tuesday, December 12, 2017 the House of Representative will hold a vote on the Taylor Force Act. The bill has achieved bipartisan support and will likely clear the house with ease. It is backed by the Trump administration, and received approval in August by the Foreign Relations Committee.

The Taylor Force Act is aimed at cutting off American aid to Palestine, in an effort to pressure the country into ceasing abhorrent “pay for slay” practices. Currently, the Palestinian government uses half of the foreign aid it receives, to fiscally incentivize terrorism against Israelis.

The Palestinian government pays each convicted terrorist in Israel’s prisons monthly, some receiving thousands each month. Terrorists also receive a $25,000 bonus from the Palestinian government for their crimes. Terrorists are even given preferential treatment when applying for civil service jobs that come with exorbitant wages.

The families of Palestinian terrorists receive lifelong payments and a slew of other free lifetime benefits from the Palestinian government as well, including healthcare, and college tuition. The benefits and payouts scale according to the amount of damage inflicted on Israel and its inhabitants. The Palestinian government uses terrorists as pawns, in its age-old conflict with Israel over territory.
One can only hope