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  1. #1 GOP Preparing To Shut Down All Investigations Allow Trump To Fire Mueller Team. 
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    TheMastersNemesis (8,653 posts)

    GOP Preparing To Shut Down All Investigations Allow Trump To Fire Mueller Team.

    GOP openly plotting to take over total control to hell with democracy and rule of law. They are in league with Russians.
    NO. Just very INFORMED and aware that the Mueller investigation is a partisan hack job of top CORRUPT FBI officials to whom the rule of law and equal justice have no meaning.

    VOX (18,384 posts)

    1. I believe you, but have you got a link?

    TheMastersNemesis (8,653 posts)

    3. Watching Chris Hayes On MSNBC. Attacks On Mueller Escalating.

    Various GOPPERS featured calling investigation a witch hunt. Hannity going ballistic and attacking the FBI on his who as a kind of new Gestapp or something similar. More and more GOPPERS saying investigation tainted. Want Hillary investigated say she was spared by Comey.

    Absolutely nuts.
    The FACTS are not "nuts". Ignorant, hating liberals...well that's a different story.

    TheMastersNemesis (8,653 posts)

    8. This Undercurrent Has Been Going On For Months As I Have Followed It.

    It is only now escalating rapidly. I do believe that the GOP will be involved with scuttling this investigation. After what happened to Franken I see them emboldened because they feel they have the Democrats where they want them. Even though what I just said seems irrelevant it really is connected in their psyche in some strange way.

    No question that Franken made some bad decisions and missteps in the past. The 1st Franken accuser is at least a close acquaintance of Donald Trump Jr. Someone posted some tweets on Du earlier today. Plus Stone was involved in her coming out. It appears to have all started by RW operatives. We simply do not know the validity of other accusers.

    Now that the Democrats were stampeded into pushing Franken out the GOP is accusing them of puritanically over reacting and are in a sense defending Franken. They are wedging the Democrats claiming that the Democrat leadership railroaded Franken unjustly. Meanwhile they would have dug up more and more women against Franken To panic the Democrats. It is all a game.

    So I am sure the the GOP is convinced that they can shut down the investigations, lock out the Democrats on anything of value, and virtually create their own little totalitarian fiefdom.
    The corrupt Obama/Hillary Clinton cabal is NO LONGER in charge and their corrupt FBI hacks are being exposed. Drain the swamp.

    bdamomma (45,154 posts)

    6. The repigs

    might as well shoot them in the foot if they fire Mueller, the shit will hit the fan. You don't mess with these Intelligence agencies.
    The FBI is NOT above being held responsible for corrupt, unethical, and illegal actions.
    OliverQ (621 posts)

    7. This is so scary. If Mueller gets fired, we're screwed.
    milestogo (3,870 posts)

    9. Mueller is the head of the investigation but firing him would not stop the investigation.
    If Mueller is 'fired' it will only be because the whole investigation is a sham.
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    This is one time that I hope these idiots are right.
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    President Trump should have mueller drawn and quartered along with his partisan hack staff.
    I love the sound of liberal heads exploding in the morning!!

    Toxically masculine and proud of it!

    I will give up my guns when the liberals give up their illegal aliens.
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    MN goes from 'GOP preparing to'... to 'I do believe the GOP will be involved with'.

    He'd flunk-out of Hate-101 with that kind of unfocused drivel.
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    Much as I wish Nematode is correct, that Mueller will be shut down, his source is MESS-NBC, the National Inquired of alarmism.
    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

    BIG CHEETO Is Watching You!

    Note to "Warpy" and "shockey80": I voted for Donald Trump! I would do so again!
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