The trash talking Seattle Seahawks are in the news again today and for all the wrong reasons.

As the clock wound down on the team’s loss in Jacksonville on Sunday, militant Michael Bennett instigated a wild melee when he charged the Jags who were kneeling on the ball.

The troublemaker is the ringleader of the Kaepernick cult and is on the shortlist for NFL “Man of the Year” in what would be apropos for a league that surrendered to the protesters who dissed the national anthem.

Bennett’s instigation led to several penalties, the ejection of teammate Sheldon Richardson and yet another public relations problem for the NFL which has to choose between suspending him or honoring him to appease the racial grievance mongers.

Then it got worse.

While leaving the field, Quinton Jefferson who had also been booted out of the game couldn’t deal with being heckled by Jaguars fans – some of whom were black so no racial aspect here – and he tried to climb into the stands to administer a beatdown after having a drink thrown at him.