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"We all want to be better people and help the planet. But there are several things we do with good intentions that actually end up being bad for the environment.

Read below to get a summary of the list and see how sometimes are good intentions actually have reverse effects. Don't believe us? Check the sources.

You Tried: Using reusable grocery bags, thinking it benefits the environment

Reality: In essence this will eventually happen but only after you use them around 300 times. The process and energy that goes into making the reusable bags offsets the energy of using paper bags that are actually recyclable. People often use the paper bags for trash bags as well so they donít go to waste; not to mention, they are pretty much 100 percent biodegradable."


This one is my favorite,

You Tried: Buying all-natural, healthy, bamboo clothing to save the environment.

If people would stop and think about it......