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  1. #1 Barack Obama vows to boost infrastructure 

    Barack Obama vows to boost infrastructure

    From correspondents in Washington

    Agence France-Presse

    December 06, 2008 10:00pm

    US President-elect Barack Obama has vowed to make the largest investment in the country's infrastructure since the 1950s and bolster development of broadband internet connections as part of his program to create 2.5 million new jobs.

    The announcement came less than a week after the Business Cycle Dating Committee of the National Bureau of Economic Research officially said the United States was in a recession, which began in December 2007.

    Last month, Mr Obama announced that he had asked his economic team to develop an economic recovery plan that will help save or create 2.5 million jobs, while rebuilding US infrastructure, improving schools, reducing the country's dependence on foreign oil and saving billions of dollars.

    In his weekly radio address, the president-elect unveiled five specific components of the plan that he believes will help the country overcome the recession.

    "We won't do it the old Washington way,'' Mr Obama said about his plan.

    "We won't just throw money at the problem. We'll measure progress by the reforms we make and the results we achieve - by the jobs we create, by the energy we save, by whether America is more competitive in the world.''


    What "weekly address"?? The PRESIDENT does a weekly address, but Obama hasnt been sworn in yet.

    (And if I am right he wont be.He isn't native born...I'd put money on him being Kenyan)
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    Hmmm...he didn't happen to say where we were going to get all these skilled construction workers and engineers to do this, did he?

    rm -rf obama*
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    Theres your "New New Deal" America. Get ready.
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    It's not a bad Idea overall. Where the problems will come from is all the Govt edicts declaring you gotta hire so & so & use so and so businesses as subs etc etc.

    Lokk at the capital Visitors center for an example. 5 - 6 times over budget and 3 yrs over deadline. That was a simple building construction job.
    The 21st century. The age of Smart phones and Stupid people.

    It is said that branches draw their life from the vine. Each is separate yet all are one as they share one life giving stem . The Bible tells us we are called to a similar union in life, our lives with the life of God. We are incorporated into him; made sharers in his life. Apart from this union we can do nothing.
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