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  1. #1 Website Selling Prosthetic PeXXXs for Gender Fluid Children 
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    To many liberals – especially in California – it has become something of a status symbol to raise children without allowing them to identify with the gender that they were born with.

    The term “gender fluid” has been catching on and to many on the loony left, having a child who is a budding transgender is almost like having a BMW or Mercedes Benz in the driveway.

    There are schools, day camps, and books that are tailored to indoctrinate children who are far too young to understand such complexities into the “gender fluid” lifestyle and prepare them to be whichever one of what will inevitably be dozens of gender variations that they can slip into later in lives.

    For those who are down with causing their children deep psychological problems that will inevitably manifest themselves later in life, there is a website that specializes in providing tools that will allow them to begin peeing in restrooms intended for the opposite gender early in life.

    Website for Transkidz

    The website sells “Packers” which are prosthetic peXXXXs for little girls who may want to be boys as well as other essential items to get ‘em while they’re young.
    Probably be a big seller in California
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    This is going to keep psychiatrists and psychologists in business for the next century.
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