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    Oops! The University of Minnesota’s memo on the topic of religious diversity and the holidays was not supposed to be leaked to the public, but it was! The memo demonizes things like bows, jingle bells, pine cones, red and green anything, blue and white anything and even wrapped gifts. The worst thing that was outlawed–(gasp!)—Santa himself.

    The university clearly is miffed that the public saw the memo. They’ve now said that the memo is not school policy and that is wasn’t for public distribution. For whatever reason, the memo was distributed internally to employees and faculty of the university’s agricultural school.

    The memo referred to Christmastime as the winter celebration (solstice, anyone?) and specifically banned any icons of religion, including Santa. Last time we checked, Santa wasn’t a religious icon, but hey, what do we know!

    The university was very quick to respond. They immediately told employees and leadership in the agricultural school to (a) stop talking to the press and (b) stop sending stupid memos. The university also issued a statement saying that the memo was not in line with university policy nor was it proper according to EEOC rules. Furthermore, they said they would never attempt to issue a policy on religious diversity during a holiday season where Christians are celebrating Christmas, Jews are celebrating Hanukkah, and whoever else is celebrating whatever else.
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    Liar, liar pants on fire!!
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