Only DU would cry over dead enemies

This is an absurd attempt to tie in the strafing and destruction of legitmate combat targets (which, had they been allowed to escape, could have reconsolidated, and provided a nasty fight for Coalition troops) and the attacks on March 2, in which the 24th ID destroyed the Republican Guard that fired on the Americans first.

I know that DUmmies are not fans of War, or at least not wars that the U.S. is actually victorious in, but they should study history and military scholars none the less. One of the mistakes that was made in WWII is that we allowed a great number of German Soldiers and Panzers to escape Sicily and thenhad to fight them in a tough rolling defense of Italy, after we invaded that country.

You have destroy the enemy's ability to fight, and with that you destroy the will. What would the outcome have been in the first gulf war had we let these soldiers and their equipment regroup and set up a defensive line that would have to have been engaged by coalition ground forces.

Gawd, they earn and re-earn the title of DUmmies every freaking day.

JohnyCanuck (1000+ posts) Sat Dec-06-08 11:47 PM
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4. Can you imagine the reaction if Iraqi forces had slaughtered US troops
in such a disgusting, criminal and barbaric fashion after a ceasefire had been agreed upon? At the very least, it would have been war crimes trials all around for the Iraqi generals a la Nuremberg, with endless accompanying coverage in the media of the immoral and barbaric tactics of the treacherous Iraqi generals. Of course this would only apply if they were still alive after the US had done bombing the shit out of everything that moved in Iraq. K&R
It was BEFORE the ceasefire you DUmmy. The Republican Guard Division was destroyed after the cease fire.

madfloridian (1000+ posts) Sat Dec-06-08 11:58 PM
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6. It was considered an heroic action back then by most people.
Topic of conversation at the teachers' lunch table, filled with pride. I had learned to keep my mouth pretty much shut by then. And by the time Jeb took office, I never said much at all. I slipped a few times and got warned by my principal to watch it.

This is Jeb Country.
Of course you did...

nadinbrzezinski (1000+ posts) Sun Dec-07-08 12:05 AM
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7. Won't be popular amongst these parts
but there are two points to be made

War is hell... read that again WAR IS HELL

And as much as I hate to say it... under the strictures of the laws of land warfare this was a valid military target

Now whether it was necessary is exactly what some of the other officers in the staff are having trouble with... and that is what the debate should be about, and I am betting is about in places like the National Staff College.

People should look for some photos of the kill zones during operation cobra... they look the same way, except in black and white, and those were German Troops, not Iraqi troops
Uh oh... one of the dummies is showing sense

He actually defends the actions and gets castigated for it throughout the thread...

Then BDS jumps in... someone thinks that this is THE CURRENT OPERATION IN IRAQ
merh (1000+ posts) Sun Dec-07-08 01:15 AM
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17. Don't forget that Colin Powell and Condi Rice both said that Saddam
was no threat - Powell in February of 2001 and Rice in July of 2001.

The media was as responsible for the war crimes as this administration, they were GWB's propoganda agency - they sold the lies.
Pfftt The OP has not only successfully tied two seperate incidents in Desert Storm together, apparently they managed to make it a part of this war as well!

Suich (1000+ posts) Sun Dec-07-08 01:57 AM
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26. First time I ever heard "collateral damage" was from
Pete Williams in 1991 or 1992.

"He also served as spokesman to the Pentagon. While in that position, Williams was named Government Communicator of the Year in 1991 by the National Association of Government Communicators."

...from Wikipedia. At first I thought it meant things like buildings, vehicles, etc. It took a long time before I figured out what really it meant.
Man, if the first time that they heard Collateral Damage was in 91 these guys really live sheltered lives.

pjt7 (260 posts) Sun Dec-07-08 07:59 AM
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39. Clinton should still get all the crap in the world
for putting McCaffrey as his drug czar.

Obama can really show some CHANGE if he hires the right person.
and it morphs into an anti-anti-drug thread.