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    I feel certain that these polls are really aimed at convincing those in the middle and perhaps leaning towards Trump that the majority of the country hates him.
    Actually at DU they have been very clear that their goal was/is to make Trump toxic so Republicans will vote for impeachment because they are afraid that if they don't that they will not win in the next election. Decreasing his approval numbers was just one method of achieving that.
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    Yawnnnnn......., Zzzzzz.......

    Again for the brain dead leftists who keep ignoring reality that Trump has been quite successful:

    Trump’s First Year Accomplishments Compiled In Shockingly Long List


    A Commentary By Richard Baris

    "Friday, December 29, 2017

    Looking back on President Donald Trump’s first year in office, he has compiled a shockingly strong record and long list of accomplishments. As was also the case with his rise to the presidency, President Trump has broken several records for a first-year commander-in-chief and fulfilled many of his key campaign promises.

    Now, that’s not to say he hasn’t had failures and it’s not to mask the fact that many of these accomplishments were unilateral. But it is also true that President Trump has faced an unprecedented level of never-ending obstruction throughout the year. He was the first president in memory to be deprived of the “honeymoon” period after Inauguration Day and, frankly, opposition at times has risen to levels that could arguably constitute downright treason.

    Sure, his presidency, much like his campaign, has been unconventional and his governing style appears to pundits and mediates to be rather messy.
    And that’s exactly what America should’ve expected.

    America didn’t elect Donald J. Trump to get more of the same and D.C. wouldn’t have had such a vial backlash had he not been trying to keep the promises he made to the American people. Had it been business as usual this year, then we would have grown suspect.

    Here’s a long but still incomplete list of accomplishments during his first year in office. For those who believe the list isn’t at all long, we challenge you to read the whole article in one sitting. Some you will recognize and some you will not. But these are just some of the actions we believe will impact Americans’ lives and, in some cases, the human race.


    "Unfit for office"...... leftists whines.....

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