This week it was announced that the NFL’s Oakland Raiders had lured back former head coach Jon Gruden with a whopping ten-year $100 million deal with a potential ownership stake.

Gruden will be leaving the broadcasting booth and wading into what is perhaps one of the league’s most toxic locker room situations. Following a 12-4 breakout in 2016, the team sunk to 6-10 this year as it often seemed that players were more interested in making political statements by protesting President Trump and the national anthem than hitting the playbook.

The Raiders got just what they deserved when they lured surly thug running back Marshawn Lynch out of retirement despite having years of evidence that he is a problem in the locker room. Once he got to Oakland, “Beast Mode” shocked head coach Jack Del Rio by sitting on his ass during the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner, soon the entire team with the exception of a handful of white players were doing likewise.

One of them was quarterback Derek Carr and there were ugly rumors that black players deliberately allowed for him to get injured as retaliation for not supporting their anti-Trump exhibitions.

Not only did Lynch earn a scathing Twitter blast from President Trump for standing for the Mexican national anthem during a game in Mexico City, but the team had multiple incidents where players – including Lynch – engaged in on-field thuggery.

But hey, $10 million a year will buy a lot of tolerance for bullshit and control over personnel ensures that Gruden can dump Lynch if he doesn’t conform.

But as with everything, there are now accusations that the Raiders organization was RACIST when it hired Gruden without bothering to first consider affirmative action coaching candidates under the Rooney Rule.

According to ESPN “Group calls on NFL to see if Raiders violated ‘Rooney Rule’ with Jon Gruden hire”:

The Fritz Pollard Alliance is calling on the NFL to investigate whether the Oakland Raiders violated the “Rooney Rule” when they hired Jon Gruden as coach.

Fritz Pollard Alliance counsel Cyrus Mehri and N. Jeremi Duru issued a statement Wednesday expressing concern that Raiders owner Mark Davis came to an agreement with Gruden before the team interviewed any minority candidates.

Before Gruden’s hiring was official, Fritz Pollard Alliance chairman John Wooten told ESPN he trusted that Davis and McKenzie had followed the Rooney Rule, which requires teams to interview at least one minority candidate as part of an open process. Wooten, reached Wednesday night, referred questions to Mehri.

“Let’s get to the facts,” Mehri told ESPN. “If the facts end the way they seem to be right now, then I have full confidence the league will take appropriate action because they care about the Rooney Rule being a success as well. The facts matter. Fairness matters. Fairness means fairness to Mark Davis and having a fair process, but also fairness as far as guys being able to compete with an open process and not a closed process.”
Okay lets say the Raiders interviewed a minority candidate, interviewed Gruden and then hired Gruden, would that be racist?