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  1. #1 Wolff's Book Has Just Lowered Expectations for Trump 
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    Wolff's Book Has Just Lowered Expectations for Trump

    January 11, 2018 at 7:45 am EST By Taegan Goddard

    Bret Stephens: “Guess what? Donald Trump is a raving idiot. Every sentient person knows this, and if Michael Wolff is to be believed, so does most everyone in the White House. So why are we talking about Wolff’s book Fire and Fury as if it’s the news sensation of the decade?”

    “The answer lies in that timeless definition of the word ‘gossip’: Hearing something you like about someone you don’t. Fire and Fury is catnip for everyone who detests this president… But gossip isn’t journalism. And Wolff’s book is Exhibit A in how not to damage Trump’s presidency, much less his chances of re-election.”

    “The net result is that Fire and Fury has so thoroughly succeeded in lowering public expectations for Trump that it makes it that much easier for him to exceed them.”

    The Wall Street Journal reports Wolff sold one million copies of his book in four days.

    LOL. How shocking!!! Gossip is just that - gossip - and likely not true. And most of what the left believes about Trump is gossip with the motivation to harm the President which is generally even LESS true than what we would call 'harmless gossip' (though that really doesn't exist).

    And when you lie and the lie is shown to be blatantly untrue everything else the individuals/media say is not believed.
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    1. i think it reduced him to a bumbling idiot...
    eleny (40,994 posts)

    2. Where are the White House staffers denying what's in the book

    You would think that there would be people coming forward in droves.

    Where is Hope Hicks? We haven't seen her behind a mic denouncing the book as a pack of lies where she's the topic. And her portrayal includes obstruction of justice. But there's not a peep from her.

    This all lends credence to the book.
    LOL. If they don't deny it then it 'lends credence to the book', AND if they deny it then their defensiveness is PROOF that it's true. That's the way the left runs. I've seen both on DU.
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    4. exactly where is katie walsh, dina powells, etc
    AlexSFCA (918 posts)

    3. sadly I agree with this

    after reading the book, I feel surprised if he is able to give a semi-coherent speech or adequate response. Besides, he is now untouchable should he get into any definite legal trouble, he can claim that he can’t stand trial due to mental disability. Pre-dementia resulting in unstoppable pathological lying therefore is unable to say the truth under oath.
    Kaleva (18,164 posts) 7. My expectations for Trump were already at ground level.

    The book doesn't change anything.
    Trump haters and Republican haters will always say that. The issues may have been different and another Republican President may have responded differently but the left would have been just as vicious toward any other Republican President.

    How they underestimate Trump. They can't figure out how someone so "dumb" is getting so much done.
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    Reading between the lines, it sounds like DU-Proggies are disappointed that their latest Got-Trump revelation turned out to be a Nothingburger. DV is sort of correct. With every breathless bit of Fake News and Nothingburger what little credibility the MSM have left is chipped away, just a little.
    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

    BIG CHEETO Is Watching You!

    Note to "Warpy" and "shockey80": I voted for Donald Trump! I would do so again!
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